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Kaspersky Security for Mobile

Security & management for mobile devices

Anti-malware & remote find/wipe Mobile Device Management (MDM) ‘Over the Air’ provisioning

Kaspersky Security for Mobile helps to eliminate the security breaches that can result from enabling mobile access to your corporate systems. Even if an employee loses a mobile device, you can still prevent access to your business data. Furthermore, in-built mobile device management (MDM) helps you to cut costs and reduce the load on IT administrators.

World-class security technologies

Kaspersky Security for Mobile integrates essential mobile endpoint security technologies and efficient mobile device management capabilities – to make it easier to protect mobile devices against viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms, bots and a wide range of other threats. Additional security technologies – including powerful encryption and anti-theft features – add further layers of protection for your precious business data.

Enabling BYOD… securely

Along with the potential benefits, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) can introduce new risks – including infections that result from vulnerabilities and malware on the user’s mobile device. With Kaspersky Security for Mobile, as soon as a device appears on the network it’s visible to you – so you can deliver security software to it and configure data access restrictions.

Separating corporate and personal data on a BYOD mobile or tablet

Kaspersky Security for Mobile includes a special feature that can set up a container within each mobile device – so that corporate data is securely separated from the user’s personal data. All corporate data is held in the separate container – and can also be encrypted and prevented from leaving the container. Furthermore, if the device is lost, stolen or sold – or the employee leaves the business – you can remotely wipe out the contents of the container, without affecting the user’s personal data.

Multiple platforms and types of device… protected via one management console

Kaspersky Security for Mobile lets you configure and manage protection for a wide range of the most commonly used devices – including smartphones and tablets on a wide range of platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone and Symbian. Security for each device can be configured and controlled via one, easy-to-use management console – so you can enable mobile access to contacts, calendars, the corporate email system and other business systems Over the Air (OTA)… and manage your business-wide mobile security from a ‘single pane of glass’. By simplifying security management Kaspersky Security for Mobile helps to save you time and money.

Helping to ensure compliance with your internal security policies

Flexible configuration tools let you control which applications can be run on the mobile device. You’re free to create and enforce different policies for specific groups or individual users within the business.

MDM that’s ideal for security… and more

Although other vendors have MDM offerings, Kaspersky’s combination of world-class security technologies and extensive mobile device management functionality can do more to protect your business and reduce administration overheads. Furthermore, because all of Kaspersky’s prime technologies have been developed by the same in-house team, security and MDM functions are seamlessly integrated within Kaspersky Security for Mobile – so it’s easier to run and it places less load on your computing resources.

By integrating mobile endpoint security and mobile device management (MDM) in one solution – with a single management console – Kaspersky Security for Mobile gives you greater visibility and control of mobile devices that access your corporate network.


Kaspersky Security for Mobile works in the background – providing world-class protection, with minimal impact on performance. It delivers an integrated combination of signature-based, proactive and cloud-assisted anti-malware technologies.

Protects against known – and emerging – threats

Every file, application, email attachment and media file can be scanned – and the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) uses the power of the cloud to provide rapid protection against new and emerging threats.

Multi-level defence technologies

Anti-spam technology helps you to filter out unwanted calls and texts, while Kaspersky’s Safe Browser feature for iOS devices protects against phishing websites.

Application Control

Kaspersky Security for Mobile gives you flexible control over which applications are allowed to run on the mobile devices that have access to your corporate network.

Set your own Default Allow or Default Deny policy

You can choose to allow all non-blacklisted applications to run, or prevent all non-whitelisted applications from running.

Dealing with Rooting / Jailbreak incidents

Because Kaspersky Security for Mobile automatically detects and reports rooting / jailbreak incidents, you’re able to take rapid action.

Enabling Encryption

Many mobile devices include data encryption technologies. To help prevent your business data falling into the wrong hands, Kaspersky Security for Mobile makes it easy to enable and manage the encryption features provided on most popular mobile devices.

Enforce encryption on each user’s mobile device

Kaspersky Security for Mobile offers a convenient way to enforce the use of the encryption technologies that are resident within the mobile device – so you can easily ensure that all data on the device is encrypted or just encrypt all of the corporate data that’s held within a special container on the user’s device.


To support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives, Kaspersky Security for Mobile includes containerisation features – to help ensure corporate data and personal data are held in separate containers on the user’s device.

Added security for corporate data

On each user’s device, you can set up a special container for corporate applications – with options to encrypt all corporate data within the container and prevent corporate data from leaving the container.

Preventing ‘leakage’ of corporate data

By letting you manage whether a specific application can access resources within the user’s device, Kaspersky’s container technology can help to ensure that corporate data is not sent from the device – in emails or text messages.

Forced log in

To help prevent data being accessed by unauthorised users, you can ensure that applications require the user to log in again following a period of inactivity.


Kaspersky Security for Mobile includes special features that help to minimise the risk of security breaches that can result from a lost or stolen device.

Remote Lock, Find and Wipe

You can remotely lock a mobile device, while you use Kaspersky’s Find feature to determine the device’s approximate location. You can also choose to wipe corporate data from the device and return the device to its original factory settings.

Controlling a lost device… even when its SIM has been changed

Kaspersky’s SIM Watch feature will detect a change of SIM card, send you the device’s new telephone number and enable you to run all Kaspersky anti-theft features.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Kaspersky Security for Mobile is supplied complete with extensive mobile device management functionality – to give you easy and rapid control over all Kaspersky mobile security functions.

Simple deployment procedure

Kaspersky’s MDM makes it easier to customise your mobile endpoint security and then deliver it to users’ devices over the air or via their PC. You can also check whether users have completed the simple download process – and prevent unprotected devices from accessing your business systems.

Integrated… for ease of use

Kaspersky Security for Mobile supports Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and Apple MDM Server.

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