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Phần mềm PLAXIS MoDeTo

PLAXIS MoDeTo – Dòng sản phẩm mới của PLAXIS ứng dụng thiết kế cọc monopile ứng dụng trong các công trình ngoài khơi

PLAXIS MoDeTo is a specific tool introducing an enhanced design method for monopile foundations. It transfers the results of the PISA Joint Industry Research Project to daily engineering practice. PLAXIS MoDeTo enables dramatic reductions in the amount of steel of each monopile, and, as such in the overall costs of any wind farm. It can be used as a stand-alone tool for the rule-based design method and in connection with PLAXIS 3D for the numerical-based design method.

Key Benefits

Innovative, robust and reliable

PLAXIS MoDeTo is developed following the Plaxis engineering process, which has consistently been delivering stable and well defined software for decades. The underlying procedure has been validated via large-scale testing of monopile foundations at two test sites, a sand site and a clay site.

Efficient design translates to XXL savings

In the very competitive offshore wind industry, less conservative dimensioning of each monopile of a wind farm will result in a significant reduction in the amount of steel and, therefore, in fabrication, transportation and installation costs.

Optimised monopile design method

The enhanced design method of PLAXIS MoDeTo analyzes the ability of monopile foundations to resist lateral loads on the basis of a 1D Timoshenko beam finite element model, accurate even for large diameter monopiles, and realistic soil reaction curves, while retaining many of the assumptions of the more conventional p-y approach. Research has shown a potential reduction in the embedded length of the piles by up to 50%.

Seamless integration with the PLAXIS environment

PLAXIS MoDeTo can either be used as a stand-alone tool, if the user supplies the soil reaction curves, or in connection with PLAXIS 3D, to calibrate them numerically according to the specific properties of the site. In addition to enabling PLAXIS MoDeTo reach its full design potential, PLAXIS 3D offers a complete, well proven and robust finite element solution for any type of offshore or onshore structure. With its broad range of capabilities, multi-core calculations and 64-bit architecture, PLAXIS 3D along with its add-on modules, 3D PlaxFlow and 3D Dynamics, can deal with the largest and most complex geotechnical models.

State-of-the-art research brought to engineering practice

PLAXIS MoDeTo has been developed in collaboration with Oxford University. It transfers the enhanced design method established in the PISA Final Report of May 2016 to current industry design practice. Future findings of PISA will be implemented as they become available.


  • Non-linear soil reaction curves for lateral loading, rotation, base shear and base rotation
  • Optimised design method for monopile foundations

Seamless integration with PLAXIS 3D
Non-linear soil reaction curves for lateral loading, rotation, base shear and base rotation


Use of Timoshenko beam theory ensures accurate results even for large diameter monopilesOptimised design method for monopile foundations
Automatic calibration and optimisation of soil reaction curves (PLAXIS 3D)
Robust 1D kernel with highly efficient calculation times

Realistic assessment of displacements and structural forces
Visualisation and export of soil reaction curves

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