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Kaspersky DDoS Protection

Keep your business running... smoothly

Global network of data traffic ‘cleaning centers’ Seamless integration with no additional hardware Protection from the most complex and high-volume attacks

Kaspersky Lab's Solution

Kaspersky DDoS Protection gives you a total, integrated solution that includes everything your business needs to defend against DDoS attacks:

  • Special sensor software* – for installation on your site
  • Access to a resilient, distributed network of ‘cleaning centers’
  • Advanced intelligence about the latest DDoS attacks
  • The services of our Security Operations Center
  • Extensive support – including direct access to DDoS protection experts
  • Post-attack analysis and reports
  • ...all backed up by a stringent Service Level Agreement.

*The sensor software runs on a standard x86 server or on a virtual machine. If you require a new server, it can be supplied by one of Kaspersky Lab’s partners.

How we protect you

Kaspersky DDoS Protection takes care of every stage in defending your business – from ongoing 24x7 analysis of your traffic, through to alerting you about the possible presence of an attack and then redirecting your traffic, cleaning your traffic, returning ‘clean’ traffic to you… and, finally, giving you post-attack reports & analysis.
Unlike other vendors’ offerings, Kaspersky Lab’s solution fights DDoS attacks on two fronts:

  • Special defense infrastructure – including our sensor software – running on your site – and systems running at a network of Kaspersky Lab sites
  • Kaspersky Lab DDoS intelligence – for earlier detection of DDoS attacks

Special sensor

Kaspersky Lab provides special sensor software that runs at your site – and, as soon as it’s installed, the sensor software starts to collect statistics and build usage profiles that help it to protect your business.

It monitors your traffic and – by continually building up statistical data and behavioral analysis data – the sensor continuously enhances its ability to detect even very subtle anomalies that are characteristic of the start of a DDoS attack.

Because the sensor software runs on a standard x86 server or a virtual machine, there isn’t any non-standard hardware for you to maintain.

Cleaning Centers

In the event of a DDoS attack, we’ll alert you and give you the option of redirecting your traffic to Kaspersky Lab’s Cleaning Centers – and then having only ‘clean traffic’ returned to you.

We’ve invested in a distributed network of Cleaning Centers – to deliver a highly resilient and scalable traffic cleaning capability.

DDoS attack intelligence

Kaspersky Lab’s malware experts use sophisticated methods to monitor the DDoS threat landscape and keep ahead of the hackers – so that we can achieve earlier detection of DDoS attacks.

Because traditional DDoS prevention vendors don’t have security intelligence departments, this proactive layer of protection cannot be delivered by these vendors.

Solution benefits

Defending against the most complex DDoS attacks doesn’t have to be a complex task for your business.

When you choose Kaspersky DDoS Protection, you’re effectively ‘giving your entire DDoS attack protection problem to Kaspersky Lab’.

With Kaspersky Lab’s integrated defenses on board, your IT and security teams are free to focus on your core business activities – safe in the knowledge that you’ve got multi-layered defenses against the most sophisticated attacks.

Expertise is essential

Unlike virus attacks that tend to propagate automatically, DDoS attacks rely on human expertise – and that can make DDoS attacks particularly difficult to defend against… unless you have the Kaspersky Lab experts helping to protect you.

For virtually every DDoS attack:

  • Hackers research their target
    The attackers assess vulnerabilities within the target business’s online presence – and then preselect the attack tools that are most likely to achieve the hacker’s malicious objectives.
  • Cybercriminals adapt their tactics
    Working in real time – during the attack – hackers constantly change tactics, adapt their approach and select different tools… in order to maximize the damage they can inflict.

Because real people are constantly fine tuning almost every ‘live’ DDoS attack, you need real DDoS mitigation experts fighting against your attackers in real time… and that’s exactly what Kaspersky DDoS Protection delivers.

Inline versus non-inline

In the past, some vendors proposed the use of a hybrid defense that included an inline appliance and remote cleaning centers. The inline appliance would continually intercept the business’s traffic and provide some level of defense for small attacks – and only suggest redirecting traffic if a large attack was detected. However, with the vast majority of today’s attacks now able to overwhelm the capacity of both an inline appliance and the targeted business’s Internet connection – within a few seconds – this approach is now outdated, and it can introduce delays before traffic is redirected to a cleaning center.

Kaspersky DDoS Protection uses a non-inline sensor that continuously monitors your traffic – without intercepting it. As soon as the sensor detects a potential attack, you have the option of redirecting all traffic to one of Kaspersky Lab’s cleaning centers.

Because Kaspersky Lab’s solution totally avoids the use of inline appliances:

You have greater control over whether your traffic is redirected to cleaning centers
You benefit from DDoS protection that also achieves a lower rate of false positives

Greater visibility – across your business

Although no one can stop cybercriminals targeting your business, Kaspersky Lab is ideally placed to deliver a rapid response to any DDoS attack. Then – after we’ve defended you against the attack and mitigated the effects – we’ll deliver detailed, post-attack analysis and reporting on exactly:

  • What happened
  • How long it lasted
  • How Kaspersky DDoS Protection dealt with the attack

... so every level of your business benefits from clear visibility of the issues.

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